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Eco Explore

Eco Explore Enables Sustainability Asset Discovery

Anyone that has interest in sustainability data on the Hedera ledger can use our Eco Explore search to navigate through Guardian data, including Standard Registries, Policies, and tokens representing GHG emissions or carbon offsets.

Using the Eco Explore search, you can drill down into the lineage of each offset token and view information relating to the project that generated the token (e.g. project design document, methodology, verification report, project location, project developer information, among others).

You can also view token specific information. For example, for offsets related to renewable energy, in this case a wind project, you can view details associated with the specific turbines that generated the offset, e.g. type and installed capacity, tower type, Breaking and Yaw systems, vintage, among others.

Eco Explore Data

Eco Explore is powered by our API, Eco Connect. The data is generated by multiple instances of the Guardian, which is a Hedera-Hashgraph based Policy Workflow Engine (PWE) that performs requirements based tokenization. Each instance of a Guardian is managed by a Standard Registry, which is an organization or entity that tracks the status of the impact claims and ensures adherence to the Standards associated with minted tokens.

Standards are globally applicable and advance action across a wide range of sectors and activities to ensure the credibility of emission reduction projects. Standards Bodies, such as Verra or The Gold Standard, are organizations which define the standard and approve project design, monitoring, and reporting criteria within it. Standard Registries leverage Standards provided by the Standards Bodies to build Guardian Policies.

The Guardian Policy defines activities, rules, and interactions between activities on all levels of the activity hierarchy (activity, sub-activity,...), essentially the set of requirements upon which the Guardian will act. A Standard Registry may have one or more Guardian Policies associated with it. A Policy is defined based on a Methodology, which as part of a standard, defines the Requirements for calculating emissions increase, footprint, reductions and/or removals.

Once a policy is published, a Guardian Project Workflow will then be executed, which includes Project Workflow of the Standard, but may also have additional steps such as sending data on chain.

The real magic of the Guardian is the use of Digital Measured, Recorded and Verified (dMRV) data. dMRV data is published through the guardian workflow by users in various roles as well as IoT devices streaming telemetry. As certain thresholds of measured data are reached, tokens are minted and associated with all of the associated data. Every element from policy through workflow execution of streaming data through the Guardian is immutably captured on the Hedera ledger, ensuring the validity and credibility of the tokens generated.

These dMRV-based tokens differ from assets that might be found on other Registries such as Verra or The Gold Standard as all of the data associated with the generation of the token is transparently available on ledger.